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Coalition to Change Unjust Adoption Laws in Missouri

This is a new page, so give me a little credit if there are mistakes, but things will be changing very rapidly.
This site is to inform people about the unjust adoption laws in Missouri, and to recruit people to help in changing these laws.... Missouri currently does now allow adoptees to open their records unless they can get a judge to rule it absolutely necessary... usually for reasons like life threatening illness and the like. I will soon get a copy of the exact laws and post them here.

I, and others, feel that the laws in Missouri are representative of the way things were dealt with in the past. They are set up to hide adoption and to prevent searching. Nowadays, things are the opposite. Searching is becoming more and more common, and to live in a closed state like Missouri prevents one from searching and learning valuable information about the self.

I intend, fully, to take on these laws and change them. I will not stop until Missouri is an open adoption state like Kansas or Alaska. If this goal is ever accomplished, I will begin fighting for other closed adoption states. If I must, I will fight the entire country on this issue. It is of my belief that it has nothing to do with the state, concerning whether a person searches or not. It is up to the person(s) involved. If someone wants their adoption closed, then they can arrange for it to be so, but the whole state should not be allowed to rule that.

I realize that I am taking on a lot, and so I am creating this coalition. I would like for anybody, whether in Missouri or not, who agrees with what I say, to email me at the link provided below and support this cause. I will list all who do so and we will all fight together for looser adoption laws. I hope that with everyone's support, things will change and change quickly! Please, support open adoption states!!!

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