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I know this page was originally supposed to honor a different father every week, but I have a different idea for now. I have a topic and I want you to leave a message on my guestbook as to how you feel on this topic. If you want me to post something about it on the page, please tell me...
Okay, a lot of people like to harp on the subject of teen pregnancy. People always consider the woman's side of the issue. They usually don't consider the man's side. Men have a bad rap when it comes to teen pregnancy. They are always referred to as the one who isn't there, or the person to leave. This is not always true. Men can't always marry the woman, and sometimes things are out of their control. Right now the Supreme Court has ruled that a woman can abort her baby, and the father has absolutely no say. How would you feel about that? How do you feel about the whole situation??? Leave a message...

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