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Look, it's my space!!!
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Welcome to my web site!

Yes, this is the millionth page I've made for me, maybe this one I'll actually update...

Right now this page is in the works as I try to figure out how Tripod's builder works. I'm more familiar with geocities/yahoo, as most of you may know. I have most of my popular sites posted up there.

I'll get these links up and working just as soon as I actually have stuff to put in them.. ((translation: Never, LOL))

Go ahead, sign the guestbook below.. put what you truly think.. it won't hurt me.. I won't sob like a baby in the night.

Look, it's me!

Yup, that's me. Go ahead, laugh if you want to! I know I deserve it...

What's New?

I may be moving into my aunt's 3 story victorian mansion.. just as soon as I get up the nerve to ask if I can rent the 3rd floor, lol

Nothing else new...