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Hello everybody, that there's my name and don't wear it out ;) Not too much to say about me. I am currently working for Universal Protective Services as a security officer, woohoo! I sit in a cave all night and do whatever I want. As soon as my laptop is working again I'll be getting online form the caves. I am engaged to a wonderful man named Chris Kolina. (Hi Chris!) If you all wanna talk to me, email me here Well.. I've got nothing else to say for now. Just thought I'd update stuff.. :) If you want to see an incredibally outdated picture of me... check out my AOL homepage that is sorely in need of an update. :) If you want a more recent picture, email me and I'll try and send one.

My hobbies currently include...

I am also currently working on a small novel (I love to write when I can) called The Next Day. I will start putting exerpts up here on this page, feel free to browse through it. If you would like to send your opinions or advice, I would be overjoyed.

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