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Adoption Prayers Awards

Adoption Prayers currently has three awards available. The awards are: Adoption Search Award, Angel Excellence Award, and Search and Support Award. I offer the Adoption Search Award for pages related specifically to adoption searches. The Search and Support Award goes to any page with searches and support groups of any kind. The Angel Excellence Award goes to pages dedicated to angels, as I believe that angels watch over us all ((especially those who are searching)).

My requirements are simple.....
1: Make sure all links and images are working
((Especially java!! Broken java is so aggravating!))
2: Make sure that your page pertains to the award that you are applying for.

That's it!!! It's that simple! Just email me at and tell me your name, your nickname, your pages URL, and why you think you deserve my award. That's all!!!

To view my awards, and the winners of individual awards, go here