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Welcome to my realm.

You appear in a misty field, a large orange sun rising in the sky as dawn breaks. Ahead of you is a large city surrounded by many farms. In the center, you spy a large gleaming white castle: Castle Whyvern. You are just outside the city of the elves, Naebrow Whyvers, in the realm of Tay O'Blemi. Tay O'Blemi means sounds of the earth. To the south is the ocean, to the north is the city, to the east is more ocean, and to the west is a large jungle like forest.

To begin rping in Naebrow Whyvers, go here.

If you would like to help me create more to this role playing realm, then send me email with the link below. .

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Go see my adopted pets while you are here....

All images and information copyrighted by Whyvern Inc. 1998.