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Adoption Search

Born 9/20/68
Adoptive Name: Berilynn Millholland
Place of Birth: Hennipen County, MN
Adopted through Catholic Charities
Further Information: "The information that I have about my birth parents is what I heard but not what I have seen. My mom might have been a student at the U of MN and my father might have been in some branch of the military. I don't know if my birth father even knows about me.
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Searching for Birth Father
"I am searching for my Birthfather...
Name: Roger Beaudoin
City of birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Aprox. Age: 62 (aged 17 at my birth)
Mother's Maiden Name: La Pointe
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Searching for Daughter
Anthony Wayne Robinson looking for daughter, Shanelle Diane Rose, born 9/3/80, in Fresno California. Mother is Abigail Rose from Hawaii. We met at Fresno State.
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I am looking for my beautiful daughter
that I was made to relinqinish when I was 16.

My special angel was born 12-19-88
in Oklahoma City thru Catholic Charities.
She was born at St. Anthony's Hospital at 3:00 a. m.
I have never forgotten and you will always be in my heart
E-mail me at

I am trying to locate my birth parents
I was born to Jean Irene Sewell Schwarz on January 10, 1958
in San Francisco, my birth mother was born in Multnomah Co.
Oregon on August 17, 1929. She was married to George Schwarz and divorced.
My birth fathers name is Kenneth Herbert he was 27 at the time of my birth.
they were not married. My name at birth was Mary Schwarz.
grandparents: Norris Cader Sewll and Helen Veneda Adams
please send any information to

I am searching for information on Barker Holmes.
He was born on October 11, 1944. Adoption was handled by Lutheran Family Services. Polk county in Des Moines Iowa. Contact Here.

Search for son born March 1948 or 1949
in Booth Memorial Hospital Cleveland, Ohio and named Richard Edward. I last saw him at several months old as mother madre me give him up as I was too yong and she couldn't take him. If any information is gotten my email is (JEANNE MAURO) I live in N.J. now

I am on a relentless search to find my big brother on behalf of my mom
He was born on February 23, 1965 in Essex county NJ. This is where the adoption took place as well. He was named Ronald Henry Guyton. He was adopted out to a Ruth and Henry Morel, and his last name was changed accordingly. He has an Aunt Fran and Uncle Joe Morel whom introduced my mom to the adoptive parents. It was rumored that his family moved to either PA,DEL OR NY. Contact Here

I am searching for my birth parents.
I was born on 5/31/80 in Wausau, WI. Contact Here

My name is David Fobes. I was born on Nov 30 1974 at 2:16 a.m. in Athens Georgia.
I was adopted when i was three. My adoptive parents are Joseph and Patricia Fobes. I have no information about my birth parents but I am desperately trying to find out who they are and where they are. I think i was born at St.Josephs Hospital. If you think you can help me at all my e-mail is I have been looking for 3 years now and I need help.

I'm searching for my birth mom and any family.
I was born in Spokane, WA 6-12-72 I have 4 siblings. A brother that was given up the same time I was in 1972. He was around 2yrs. My birthmom is from New York. She was married on 11-21-58 and divorced 1-8-71. She is 5'5" with blue eyes and auburn hair. I have no names for anybody. Please email me with any info at THANK YOU!

I am searching for my three children that I put up for adoption on May 31, 1980
in Sacramento, California thru Children's Home Society. Their names are Virginia (Jenny), Sherrie and Christopher. Virginia was born on July 6th 1975 in Silverton, OR, Sherrie was born on Sept. 13, 1976 in Salem, OR and Christopher was born on July 23rd 1978 in Spokane, WA. If anybody has any information on my children I would love to hear from them, I have spent thousands of dollars and many hours searching for them with no avail. Any help would be appreciated. I can be reached by phone at 509-255-1311 and will accept collect calls that are valid information. Thank you.

I am looking for my mother, Yvonne
My name is Katie Bender I live and was born in NY and my mother moved to Florida shortly after she gave birth to me... any help would be great... Thank you Contact Here

Son born San Diego CA June 20, 1971,
adopted 1974 Catholic Charities Buffalo NY Birth Name: Daron John Cowherd please send info to

My name is Sandra Elliott I am a Bmom I gave my son up for adoption in Dec 4th 1976.
He was born in San Antonio Texas at the Methodist Hospital.The agency that did the adoption was Methodist Mission Home.His weight at birth was 6lbs 2ozs 19 inches long born at 2:58 am. I do know his adopted Parents had one child at the time of his birth.Two years ago MMH wrote me and told me he was ill with cancer and they wanted more medical information.
Contact Here

If you have any information you would like to put on this page to aid your search, just email me at and tell me any information you would like put on the page.