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The Next Day is my rendition of what will occur on 1/1/00. It isn't the mildly depressing picture some see, or the hopeful idea that most business people think will occur. Instead it is dark and bleak due to unexpected circumstances that arose while the world celebrated and cried out "Happy New Year!" Please remember that I am just starting this, and it is always in a state of change. I hope you like it and find it interesting. For comments, my email is Feel free to write to me. And now... the story!

When the darkness fell on January 1, 2000, things did not go as planned. For over a year the people had put together in a valiant effort to stop the Y2K virus from causing global problems. Everyone feared what would happen if computers failed... almost everything was computer-operated. In fear of not being prepared, large corporations hired experts to foresee any glitches and make sure they were well taken care of. The government also prepared.

People were warned to stock up on food and water, for even with all the planning black-outs were expected to occur. They expected almost all cities to experience complete darkness and lack of water, electricity, and other such essentials. The worst part was that they did not know for how long. It could last days, weeks, even years.

The general population was optimistic. They saw the steps the corporations and government were taking, and believed that they were in good hands. They felt that no computer virus could stand up against the forces that were laid out. They were right. It couldn't. So, the people celebrated the coming of the new millenium, blinded by hope and forgetting their common sense. In the end, they would regret their decisions, for it wasn't a computer virus that would destroy them. It was a simple oversight...

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